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Hi my name is Victoria and I am 16 and I live in the United States. I am new to lolita fashion and I would love to find friends to talk to. I really like sweet and classic lolita. I also like anime and manga. You can message me at I would also be interested in snail mail
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Hello! My name is Stacey, although I go by Violet here in Livejournal. I'm just dipping my dainty toes into everything Lolita, from fashion to attitude. Upon discovering Livejournal and reading several suggestions on what a Lolita should own/do, the first thing happened to be one of the things I've always wanted, a pen pal!
A few things about me, I'm 32 years old and married, and I live on the Northeast Coast of the US. So far, I'm not sure what kind of Lolita community there is out here, but that's ok. I can sew, I know a little of embroidery and calligraphy, and I can play a few simple tunes on the piano. I'm not very confident about my appearance when wearing anything that is considered unusual, but I'm trying to override my brain on that point. I'm currently overweight, but also dieting and exercising and losing lots of weight, so much so that one of my trophies will be a piece of brand! *squee!*
I'd like a Lolita pen pal that is somewhere close to my own age and within the states, for simple snail-mailing. I'd also like to be able to make and send a little gift now and again. If you'd like me as your pen pal, please message me by email, mine is I hope to be hearing from you soon! ~ Violet :)
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Hello! My name is Julia (though on my blog I go by Sakura), and I'm pretty new to Lolita fashion but I am really interested in it ^_^ I love the clothes from Mary Magdalene, but I don't yet have enough to pay for one of their dresses >n< For now I just like to wear blouses with skirts~
I definitely love Classical lolita the most, though I think that Sweet is really pretty~ It just doesn't suit me that much c: I also think that Steampunk Lolita is cool, but the people at my school are too judgmental for me to wear something so out there :P
I'm looking for a few penpals about my age (around 18 and younger), and am interested in exchanging letters, emails, or maybe even small packages every so often.
Here where I live there's no Lolita community at all, which is sad, so I'm hoping to find some friends online and to snail mail write with :3
I have many hobbies; drawing, reading, writing, watching anime, sewing, crafting, and in general obsessing over cute things x3
I look forward to answers! ^_^
If you're interested, email me at
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Name: Lillith Vieux
Location: Currently in Raytown Missouri, which is in the US of A ;D
Age: 12
Interests: Lolita, books, friends, computers, serial killers, murders, documentaries, history, science, dogs, cats, any animal, learning, religions, debate
I'm new to Lolita, I don't have any clothes yet and I don't even know my measurements. I've just gotten into it, and I plan on either sewing my own clothes or buying from bodyline. I'm willing to take any advice I can get and I would love a penpal to get advice, make a friend, just to talk. I'm willing to write letters or talk through email, either works. Well that's really all I can think of to write, ask any questions if you'd like.
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My name is Anna and I'm seeking for a Lolita pen pal.
I've been into Lolita for some months now, but I'm still very new to it. Usually, I don't wear Lolita to school, because many students at my school don't tolerate anything other than ordinary and can get REALLY annoying -.- Anyway, I wear Lolita mostly at weekends or at events. I usually go for a pretty casual look, mostly with skirts and cutsews. That way I like to wear sweet or country Lolita, but when I get the right opportunity, I prefer wearing classic Lolita. ^^ I'm also a big fan of Steampunk and I'm definitely trying to go for Steampunk Lolita. I'm mostly wearing Bodyline clothes at the moment, because I just need to get the basics, before I can start wearing brand ^^
I'm 14 years old (getting 15 in August) and I'm going to be in 10th grade. I'm from Austria (not Australia! ;) ) and I'm searching for a pen pal at about my age. (18 or under) Most of my friend are male and don't quite understand my hobby, so it would be nice to have someone to talk to about Lolita ^^ I can speak German and English fluently and my French is ...quite okay...
My other interests are gaming, drawing, martial arts, sewing, Anime and Manga and a whole lot of random things I'm too lazy to list here XD
I'm really looking forward to answers and I'd love to have a pen pal either for exchanging letters or Emails \(^.^)/
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Austria, Vienna
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Hello there, loves!
My name is Christelle, and I am a 15-year-old (16 as of the 24th of June) sweet lolita. I've been interested in lolita style for quite a long time, though I've only begun to wear the styles recently. I'd like to find someone in my age range (about 14-18) to exchange letters, e-mails, small parcels, etc. with. Some of my interests are drawing, sewing, reading, watching anime, and of course tea parties. I don't have a favourite brand because I don't feel any one brand is superior to another, and I don't understand why people get so worked up about wearing brand. Anyway, if you're interested, please message me for my e-mail address/home address. I'll be waiting, loves.
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Hello there! ~ I am a 23 year old plus size loli and new member to the online lolita community and seeking a penpal or maybe even a few that I can exchange letters to and relate to. Or maybe just chat online with! I want to write/chat with girls who might be novices like me, or perhaps someone who is more experienced then I am and could offer me tips / advice or suggestions, or if you are newer like me, maybe we can grow in the fashion together! :D

Overall I am looking to write to someone who has similar interests maybe even outside of lolita with the hopes that we can become really good friends. I am not looking for someone who will loose interest after awhile and stop chatting/writing. I want to speak with those that care about what they write and have some passion to them. : 3

If you would like to do snail mail, I would like to write and exchange letters every month or every other month depending on how busy we are. We can even exchange some small gift every now and then and I am searching for a good friend in the fashion who I can relate to, share my coords with and be open to kind suggestions / constructive criticism (no mean spirited people please!) so I can improve my fashion , or I can be happy to help you too and we can grow together as newbies! Eventually I would like to consider you my distant family of sorts.

I am a really nice person , I don't judge other's based on appearances or disabilities. I am a open person and you can pretty much tell me anything! I do NOT gossip and I do not get involved with drama. I do not mind what religion you are, or what you look like. I love learning about cultures other then mine and my dream is to travel someday in the future! So I would love to hear about your interests too and your cultures<3 ^^

Right now I am in California , mostly looking to write to someone outside of my state / or country but I don't mind where you are if you think we would be a good match.

I hope to make a pal soon! you can message me here for more details/info about me or email me at: (please no stalkers, energy vampires or mean spirited people)

The lolita styles I like and are into are: sweet (old and newer) ,  classical , country and princess! I like goth , ouji and other styles too but those are the ones I like the most.

Thank you for your time and I hope to see you soon!
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Hello! I've been into lolita for quite awhile since 2005 or 2006? around there. I'm looking for a snail-mail pen pal, preferably. Because the idea of getting something other than weekly ads and bills in my mailbox seems fun! However, being rather poor myself I understand how postage can be expensive at times, So I'm also ok with emails! (maybe we can even do both?) I'm a crafty person and would like to maybe send little gifts sometimes if that is ok. (you don't have to send any to me if you don't want to! i just like making things)

Name: Spring
Age: 29
Gender: Female
Location: California, USA.
Email: (please put something like penpal, lolita penpal, i know its not spam) I usually respond within the same day as i check my emails frequently, but if I don't, please PM me here (in case it ended up in my junk box)
I am seeking: Any gender or age is fine. Preferably someone that speaks/writes english because that is the only language I know. (however I'm ok with any country! in fact it would be fun learning about different countries and cultures)
Favorite Styles: Classic and Punk are my favz. But lately I've been enjoying sweet too. (country is also very cute)
The best thing about being a Lolita is: It's very frilly, cute, and modest!
Other Interests: Like I said sewing. I also love cross-stitching and trying to learn embroidery. I love collecting teasets and stuffed animals. I enjoy anime and manga (but I haven't watched/read much in awhile), video games, and otome games too. 
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Hello :)
I am looking for others with similar interests to write to , Not many write letters anymore and the only mail I get in my letter box is either bills or parcels purchased from ebay :p I am a musician involved in a couple of performing bands and also sing for other gothic projects from other countries , I am a doll collector and also collect victorian photographs and lockets , very much into the arts and history , Searching for old buildings and inspiration and adore Victorian poetry including Christina Rossetti (Love the Goblin Market ! )
I am 36 and would love to write and send little surprises to others
Contact me if interested I dont mind what age though similar age might be preferable but honestly dont mind .
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*Hello, I'm Abbeth and I'm 17.*
Please PM me about my email/address.
I'm seeking consistent, in depth responses from someone in my age range. I'm going to college soon and I want to continue writing after I am out of high school (it would also be nice to have someone who understands or is undergoing the home->college transition). I would love to participate in a Seattle, WA, USA meet up some time but that's not a huge concern of mine. Let's be joyful together about our lolita lives! My goal is that we inspire each other to live at our most beautiful standard.

Favourite styles: wa lolita, sweet lolita, and hime lolita (although I am not a fan of himegyaru so this is iffy). I like fruit and dessert themes, and some forest and cathedral prints. I am fascinated by 'mermaid lolita' but I have not seen a coord yet =__=
Favourite brands: Angelic Pretty, Haenuli Shop, the Storenvy collective accessory makers. My absolute favorite piece is Strawberry Sundae OP by Infanta.
Other things I like: poetry, alternative music, traveling, sewing, drawing, trying new foods and shopping at new stores, biochemistry, and yoga. I have a passionate dislike for video games.
The best thing about being a lolita is: tea time =u= haha that's a lie. I am a lifestyle lolita; it is my armor against my thoughts of self-destruction, etc. I suppose the best thing about lolita is living rather than surviving. (Oh how quaint.) An aesthetic that uplifts rather than demeans souls? (That's better.)

I'm looking forward to meeting you!
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