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Name: Emily
Email: Please message me and I shall give it to you!
Age: 21

I am seeking: someone preferably older than eighteen to exchange letters with. I much prefer "snail mail" physical letters. I wish to send small trinkets and favours to whomever ends up being my penpal.

My favourite styles: I prefer classic and sweet lolita. Perhaps a more classic look with sweet colours; however, I can get along with anyone.

My Favourite brands: I seem to like BTSSB (including Alice and the Pirates) and Angelic pretty; however, because of my height and size I cannot fit into it on its own. I am, although, a skilled sewer and could make a skirt into an overskirt.

The best thing about being a lolita is: It's full of lace, one o my favourite things. It's also girly, but not in the way we think of femininity nowadays.

Other interests: I like to crochet, read, write (poetry, mainly; however, I do delve into prose), and bake (bread is my specialty). I am also incredibly interested in religions. I am currently in university for a double major in English and Religious studies.

I have been interested in lolita since, oh, it must be about 2006 or so, because I was in the ninth grade. I was into decora style since, seeing as, at the time, lolita was far out of my prospects.
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Name: marshmallowg1rl

Email: PM me and I'll give it to you!

Age: 19

I'm Seeking: Someone in my age range that enjoys sweet/gothic lolita. I really want someone that I can send things to and will send me little things back; someone that I can write long letters to and send pictures to. I would really love to use real written letters and not email but if all you can use is email that's fine! An email once a week or a letter once every two weeks/once a month would be really awesome!

My Favourite Styles: I'm a sweet lolita but I love looking and hearing about the other styles (Preferably gothic since it's so different from my style).

My Favourite Brands: Angelic Pretty, Innocent World and BABY, the stars shine bright

The best thing about being a Lolita is: Being able to dress in frills and floof around in a big petticoat!

Other interests: Writing, Reading, Crafts, Make up, Hair styling, Dancing, Singing, History. I really love K-Pop and J-Pop. I don't mind anime but I don't watch a lot of it! I like learning about other cultures and history so if you want to share things like that with me I'd be super interested.
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Hello, I thought I would give this a try. I've been into lolita since around 2006? and have been in and out of the fashion since then. I've recently gotten back into it! (you can never leave lolita fully! XD) And have started building my small wardrobe. I'm surprised with all the change in the fashion and how much its grown. I'm hoping to find a long term penpal who likes lolita and hopefully someone I can be compatible with through our writing, thoughts and thinking way. I'm happy to talk about lolita and anything non-lolita that either of us find interesting. It can be discussions, opinions/thoughts, or just random, goofy things...I'm so random sometimes it even surprises me! XD

Name: orangeaddiction
Email: I'll PM it to you~
Age: 24
I'm Seeking: Someone who likes writing and not afraid of being chatty. Someone who can converse well with me.
I would prefer it to be about one email per week. It doesn't need to be constant. And it can be short/medium to long length. Whatever works! I'm a really "go with the flow" kind of person~
I really like handwritten cute letters and stuff but postage is a bit pricy here so if it works out between us in the long run, I can do occasional special or holiday mails each year~ :)
My Favourite Styles: I'm a classical lolita, but sometimes it is a fusion between otome and classic lolita. I enjoy looking at dresses and clothes from all styles~ (internet window shopping is great!XD)
My Favourite Brands: uh...just basically anything that I like from Angelic pretty, Innocent World, Mary Magdalene, Victorian maiden, BBTSSB, Juliet et Justine, Metamorphose.
The best thing about being a Lolita is: Being able to appreciate the love I have for the Victorian and edwardian eras. I love historical clothing!!! And art deco, furniture, wallpaper, lace, tea...argh...<33
Other interests: I like anime/manga, design, drawing when I'm not lazy, cooking, listening to music (various genres but most specifically Jrock/pop, jazz, latin-american music, tango, and classical) I have more listed in my LJ profile so feel free to read my interests there~ Although I don't feel that listing these things are that important in building friendship. Its the conversation and thoughts that matter to me~ :) I hope that didn't sound confusing. Its a bit hard to explain. XD Anyways, thanks for reading if you've made it here.
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Here is a bit about myself


Name: Mary
Age: 14
I'm Seeking: People with similar interests, no guys over 18...

My Favorite Styles: I love a lot of styles, but sweet and classic lolita are my favorites.
My Favorite Brands: Angelic Pretty, Milk, Body line
The best thing about being a Lolita is: Being lolita is who I am. I feel confident wearing the frilly lacy dresses
Other interests: I love to sew as well. K-pop, J-pop, kawaii, rilakumma,moshi moshi, japan all things cute hehe

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Hello, so for over a year now I have been in l-o-v-e with Lolita fashion! I am just about to buy my first real co-ord for lolita and i am so excited eeeek ^~^ Anyway, I'm looking for a pen-pal who also likes lolita, and maybe is just starting out aswell, I really would like a loli friend! I live in the UK, and I speak English + French fluently, and can have proper conversations in German + Dutch! ^_^

Name: Hollie Dollie (Yes this is my actual name)
Age: 14

I'm Seeking: Anyone who also likes lolita, but preferably around the same age, and ACTUALLY is, no old men please.

My Favourite Styles: I mainly like sweet lolita 90% of the time, but I also like classic lolita for more formal occasions and Hime lolita is something I'd like to try. When I'm not wearing, full lolita, I also wear Fairy Kei, Aomoji Kei + Cult Kei ^_^
My Favourite Brands: BTSSB, Angelic Pretty, Metamorphse Temps De fille, Emily Temple Cute + Bodyline

The best thing about being a Lolita is: It's so frilly and girly and unique! And I feel like myself when I wear it, it gives me confidence!

Other interests: Tumblr, Sanrio + San-x (My Melody +Korilakkuma<3), K-Pop + J-Pop Music, Decoden, Nail Art, Letter Writing (I'd love to snail mail aswell!) I like to sew, DIY and make other little goodies, Learning languages, I watch alot of anime, Photography + Vintage Books<3

I also have diagnosed panic disorder(anxiety) especially when it comes to new people, so if I seem shy at first, I eventually will become my crazy/nerdy self(。◕‿◕。)
Please leave a message or comment on this and we can arange the details ^~^

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This is my first time interacting in the lolita community, and I'm just starting out in lolita I'd be so excited if I could get a real lolita friend!
Name: Laurel

Age: 17

E-mail: (you can also use my kik: mychemromance13)

I'm seeking: Any lolita who's super nice, and I can have a friendship with. All genders are fine. Someone who isn't too much of a stickler for rules in lolita.

My Favourite Styles: Gothic, Circus (if that counts...) Steampunk, punk, bittersweet, hime, biker, etc.
My Favourite Brands: uh... I adore Bodyline, Gloomth (an indie brand) and Rakkuen (another indie brand)

The best thing about being a Lolita is: The creativity! I love poufy skirts and petticoats, but I love being able to take the silhouette and make it my own. Adding punky touches here and there and stuff is super cool

Other interests: Writing, puns, tumblr, watching Doctor Who, listening to music such as My Chemical Romance, the Rasmus, etc. I love cosplaying, watching anime, collecting converse sneakers, watching Sherlock, playing Lollipop Chainsaw, reading, reading comic books, dancing, I could go on!!

Current Location: East cost of the United States (I'm not too comfortable with giving away my exact location)
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I'm sort of new to the Lolita community and I'm very much on the timid side, so I've never had a lot of luck with friends. I have a few but I'd love to have someone who shares my love of Lolita!

Name: Rudy

Age: 15

E-mail: (Usually I wouldn't give out my e-mail, but for some reason it says some sort of privacy settings are enabled and I can't receive private messages.) Or if you want just comment ^^

I'm seeking: Any Lolitas who are fun and open-minded, and wouldn't just write once and then forget! Someone who would like a long-lasting, real friendship! Someone who'd like to be friends with somebody really talkative and a little crazy, but in a good way! I'm open to talking about anything, it doesn't have to be Lolita-related. I'm a free spirit (sounds cheesy, I know, but it's the best way I can describe it!) and I'm very open-minded and I tend to get along with people much older than me, mostly because I perceive things in a lot more mature way than a lot of people my age. I'm really energetic and some people say I'm sort of happy-go-lucky, but at the same time I'm not just a ditsy girl who lives in a bubble and thinks the world is all rainbows and unicorns. I love being happy, and I can appreciate the smallest things in life, but only because I've known and lived through much darker things. To wrap it up, I do talk a lot, sometimes I ramble, I am a very happy, fun-loving, open-minded girl who's always been looking to find people who don't mind a dash of weird in their friends! If you don't mind that, and are ok with lots of talking, you're the sort I'm looking for! :D Any Hungarian speaking Lolitas are welcome as well!

My Favourite Styles: sweet, classic, casual, hime

My Favourite Brands: Still not too familiar with all of them, but anything which is proper good quality and worth the investment. Bodyline is awesome for starting out though!

The best thing about being a Lolita is: The freedom to be the person you are inside ^^, and the hope it gives when someone is in a bad place.

Other interests: Well, I love writing (I've written many poems, short stories, and I have a few longer ones planned c:) and reading (Favourite series: Darren Shan, Maximum Ride. Favourite books: To Kill a Mockingbird, The Palace of Laughter. I love anything which has an underlying message, something deep and meaningful -3- ) music (I love lots and lots of different kinds of music! >3< I'm not an all-round fan of any particular band/artist, meaning my opinion on a song is not in any way dependent on the band/artist), cooking (Yummy -w-), baking (Even more yummy! =w=), Doctor Who (Matt Smith is my favourite Doctor ;n;.. FishfingersxCustard all the way! *O*), more recently Breaking Bad (My boyfriend keeps getting me into shows! Dx), learning about new things (pretty much anything and everything interests me! I love being creative and I love anything which is colourful and full of life!!) and finding out more about the world! (Some day I hope to travel and see all the beautiful things I dream of seeing!) And most of all spending time with my extremely caring and protective boyfriend! ~w~

I actually didn't get introduced to Lolita through anime, though I used to be a big fan of the latter a few years ago, but I'm glad that I had an open-mind towards the fashion when I first discovered it, because it's really been one of the best things to happen to my life! I think being able to write to and become friends with someone who shares that passion would be really amazing!! Please e-mail me or comment if you're interested! PS: By the the way I'm a girl, some people get confused because of my name, but I'm a girl. ^^
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I'm shy and it's a bit difficult for me to find friends, especially since I don't live around anyone my age or people who share my interests. I would very much like to live the dream of having a very close pen pal to talk to and share our happy times with each other.

Name: Erin
Age: 22
Email: PM me, please :>
I'm Seeking: anyone who is looking for a long-term pen pal to exchange snail mail and possible small gifts.
My Favourite Styles: sweet, deco, country
My Favourite Brands: Angelic Pretty, Mary Magdalene, BTSSB, Bodyline
The best thing about being a Lolita is: being able to feel like a cute, aristocratic princess. <3
Other interests: other kinds of Japanese fashion like decora and fairy kei, Sanrio, sweets and candy, cats, cute things in general, video games, drawing, cooking, cartoons, Game Grumps, puns, glitter, Monster High, Ever After High, cute fashion dolls like the 2 before

I've been in the lolita community for a long time, but just recently have acquired my first dress. I've had a few e-mail pen pals before that never last beyond 2 messages. The idea of sending and receiving physical letters is just so dreamy to me~. It would be nice to write letters to someone around my age, but I'm perfectly okay with those who are younger. And if you really do not want to write physical letters, I have a Line if you are interested. Please let me know. :>
Current Location:
West Virginia, USA
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Hello~ I would love to have a Lolita penpal.
Name: Arisa
Age: 16 years old
E-mail: Please PM me if you want my e-mail. :)
I'm seeking: Preferably someone who will be diligent with letter writing (as in, they will actually reply back and take this seriously ^^'). I live in Ireland so if you live in Europe, that'll be better. I would also prefer someone who is my age or older and someone who can write long enough letters :)
My favourite styles: Sweet, Gothic and Classic (though I like nearly all styles)
My favourite brand: I don't have one, I love so many. I like off-brand too, so long as the quality and design is good.
The best thing about being a Lolita is: Being yourself and living and looking the way you want to. :)
Other interests: ....haha, I actually have SO MANY interests it would take too long to list them. No really, I will probably share a lot of similar interests to you, including this amazing fashion.

I am always eager to meet new people and make new friends and I promise to always put a lot of thought and effort into my letters so please be my penpal <3
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Hi there!

Name: Nina
Age: 15
Email: PM me if you want my email, please! (or feel free to add me on skype: hanchakalaka)
I am seeking: Fun, light-hearted lolitas to talk to! Any location is ok, but if you live in the United States that would be great (: (I live in California)
My favorite style(s): Sweet, Deco, and Gothic! (though I don't wear gothic, I do admire it!)
My favorite brands: I'm still experimenting with some brands..
The best thing about being a Lolita is: Feeling comfortable with myself and feeling beautiful!
Other interests: I really enjoy painting, nature photography, and baking! I do also play some video games now and then (currently obsessed with Pokemon Y). I'm alwaaayyss listening to music.

Don't be afraid to message me and talk!
I love making new friends<3
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