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Name: Kianna
I'm Seeking: A college lolita girl that knows a lot more than I do and can show me the ways (I'm a baby lolita)
My Favourite Styles: Classic & Sweet (I have a friend into Gothic, so I look into that style a lot as well)
My Favourite Brands: Innocent World, Baby the Stars Shine Bright, Mary Magdalene
The best thing about being a Lolita is:I love the confidence I feeling when wearing Lolita.
Other interests: I love reading, painting, and playing the piano. My major is in Art and my minor is psychology. I also love movies and anime, so Netflix binges are my thing too. I am also thinking about becoming a YouTuber.
If anyone is interested you could reach me at
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Name: Briannah (though all my friends call me Bunny!)

Age: 16

Location: Michigan, USA

Favourite Styles: Sweet and classic, but I really love well coorded goth too.

Favourite Brands: Angelic Pretty and Innocent World, however I am a handmade loli, so I don't own any right now ^^

The Best Thing About Lolita: How expressive and creative it is!

Other Interests: I love a whole bunch of different fashion styles like fairy kei, mori girl, pastel goth, and victorian goth. I also love anime (cartoons in general), Jpop, art, writing, sewing, many lifestyle lolita activities (tea, mannerisms, etc.), video games... Too many things to count!

Seeking: A frilly new friend from anywhere in the world! It doesn't matter where you're from or how long you've been in lolita. I want to open up and make friends near and far. English is my native language, but I know quite a bit of Japanese and I'd be willing to try to learn any language. I'd like if we could be somewhat close in age, but it doesn't matter too much. I'd also like to snail mail, but e-mail is okay too.

If you'd like to talk you can email me at, pm me, or comment below. Have a nice day!
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Name: Sara

Age: 17

Location: Alberta, Canada

Seeking: A penpal to use all my cute stationery on ;^; I really don't care who or where you are. I think writing letters is so much fun and I want to hear about other people's life and such.

Favourite Styles: Sweet and Classic

Favourite Brands: Angelic Pretty and Innocent World

The best thing about being a lolita: looking like a princess (ノ´ヮ´)ノ*:・゚✧

Other Interests: baking, collecting, writing, history, reading, tea, shoujo anime, cute things, animal crossing, rune factory

Snail mail is ideal! But I could work with other forms of communication as well, such as email.

If you're interested, please email me at , or comment below.

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Name: Carrie

Seeking: A new friend to send cute snail mail and postcards to. I'd love to make a friend in a foreign country (I live in the UK), but I only speak English and very basic French. I'm a mathematics graduate with a full time job, so I'd probably have most in common with someone at a similar point in their life as me.

Favourite Styles: Somewhere between sweet and classic. I love prints with a musical or teaparty theme, and generally prefer blue, red or ivory colourways. Also, hats in lolita are adorable.

Favourite Brands: Angelic Pretty and Innocent World

The best thing about being a lolita: It's the only time I would describe myself as beautiful.

Other Interests: music, knitting and crochet, videogames, manga, anime, reading, baking, triathlon.

Hello! I'm looking for a fellow lolita to exchange letters with. I've been a lolita for a little over a year now and it's the first time I really feel like I'm being true to myself.

If you're interested, please email me or comment below.

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Name: Taya (prefer Winzy)
Age: 22
Location: USA
Seeking: Just looking for a new lolita friend to write to or email. I just think it's cool to write letters.So snail mail would be cool. I have one other lolita friend and she is teaching me the ways of lolita. I would say that I have learned about this fashion since I was in high school and since then I have been studying and researching it in depth for a few years. I believe it's time for me to start buying and building coords. I don't mind if you yourself are new or a seasoned lolita. I'm only fluent in english and I get bored sometimes and practice german and japanese. I guess another english speaker is prefered. Someone around my age 18-24

My Favourite Styles: Casual,Classic, Gothic, Pastel Goth(bittersweet) - I'm starting in this fashion kinda late in my life, so all bright colors all the time isn't really my thing. I feel like cooler calmer colors like in classic suit me well. I'm not into sweet but I don't mind if someone else is. Since lolita isn't my only favorite street fashion, I also wear Pastel goth. For the colder months, I want to wear mori girl fashion too.

My Favourite Brands: Magic Tea Party, Infanta for now

Other interests: MLP:FiM, Slice of life anime, EDM, Metal, drawing, baking. Attempting to sew dresses.

I also videogame a lot on PS4 I spend my internet time on deviantart and youtube and it is where I am most active. I just started getting used to tumblr.
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Age: 30

My Favourite Styles: I am a Sweet Lolita. I like the look of other styles, like Classic and some Country but don't wear any. I also like Otome and Fairy-kei, but again don't have any.

My Favourite Brands: I like Angelic Pretty the best. I like some of Metamorphose, BTSSB, Emily Temple Cute, Innocent World, Lief, and the list can go on.

The best thing about being a Lolita is: It just honestly makes me happy. I love dressing up and feeling good. It makes my whole day better.

Other interests: Hmmm... there are too many! I love children's book illustration, reading book on psychology, mysteries, and fantasy. I like Sweet Deco, making and buying it. I love anything to do with food, TV, books, and eating it! I like K-Pop, manga, like Jellyfish Princess, Oishinbo, Pluto, etc.

Anyways! I've been into the fashion for a number of years, but just started buying it this year! It has been fun and addicting and I would love to talk to someone about it and other awesome things of course! PM me if you want to snail mail. :3
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Name: Megan     

Age: 23

Location: Minnesota, USA

Favorite style: Classic.

Favorite Brand: Anna's House

Looking for: I would like to do snail mail. I only speak English and some elemantary French, but I am open to learning other languages, if you have the patience.

Interests: Painting, cooking, learning languages, reading, learning violin (as soon as I fix it), comics, culture, music, writing, and watching films. 
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Name: Emma
Age: 17
Location: Alberta, Canada
Favourite Style: Sweet and Gothic (totally opposite >.<)
Favourite Brands: AP and BTSSB
Interests: anime, drawing, painting, singing, dancing, being with my friends.
Other stuffs: im looking for someone who speaks English and loves to talk and send mail over snail mail! I dont mind which gender or where you live just as long as you love to read and write long letters!!
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Name: Larissa
Age: 20
Location: USA
I'm Seeking: An English, Spanish, or Italian speaking Lolita who is international that likes to write letters via snail mail :)
My Favorite Styles: Classic and Sweet
My Favourite Brands: Angelic Pretty and Innocent World
The best thing about being a Lolita is: Being able to dress like a lady! I love the fashion and how it brings people together in friendship.
Other interests: Art, music, playing guitar and ukulele, singing, acting, crocheting/knitting, needle point, and watching films :)
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Name: Chloe
Age: 16
Location: Australia
I'm Seeking: Someone who speaks English, preferably. Any gender, and someone who like to write long letters.
My Favorite Styles: Sweet and Classic
Other interests: I like baking, reading, music, anime, manga, videogames, writing, cosplay and art.

Hello~! I'm fairly new to Lolita, and I'm looking for a penpal! Please comment or email me if you are interested! I've tried commented on other people's posts, but I notice that no one ever replies... :c
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