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Looking for penpals interested in corresponding on Lolita topics.

I have been fascinated by the Lolita genre for several years but have only recently started to dress in the fashion. I am now 30 so maybe in the upper age range for being a Lolita but I would still love to give it a try. I am gradually building up a wardrobe but have not yet been on the Lolita scene although I hope to have the opportunity and the courage to do this soon.

My interests include all forms of Lolita fashion but especially Sweet Lolita and Fairy Kei, needlework, quilting, dressmaking, collecting dolls, fluffy animals and Victorian toys, reading, poetry, and corresponding with anyone who can write decent letters. I am open to new ideas and would like to learn from others about life in general and Lolita life in particular.

You can write directly to me at

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Name: Brianna "Bree" Rowland
Age: 16 going on 17, fellas' will fall in line~
Gender: Female
Location: Indiana, US
Looking For: I'm looking for a penpal, either email or letters I'm not picky, that will be long term. I would prefer someone near my age, but I get along well with anyone honestly. I'm new to Lolita fashion but not as a lifestyle and I want someone who can relate to lifestyle lolita even if it isn't their everyday lifestyle (I try, but it can be hard in modern age :p). It isn't required, but I find it helpful if we have things in common as well.
Interests: Musicals. My life revolves around Broadway. I enjoy reading a wide variety of fiction novels as well as the occasional nonfiction (mostly on the Tudor family or the War of the Roses or myths). My passions include sewing (I sew my own cosplays and will be sewing my own loli skirt soon), writing my own stories (mostly fanfiction at the moment but I also dabble in my own original works that hopefully could get published one day), and French (which I'm taking in school). I dabble in anime and manga, but I'm not proficient nor is it a constant hobby in my life. I love cats and anything Victorian. I still say I was born in the wrong era. I have tv shows I love watching such as Dexter (Season 1-4, the rest was just...not as good.), Game of Thrones (only for Khaleesi), the White Queen (still have to read the books), and many others. I like a variety of music from classical to pop but I love Emilie Autumn. Can't think of anything else to say...Ah, well, if you're interested, comment below or email me at and we can either swap adresses or become e-pals (cute, right? ;p).
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Hi there!

Name: Mariah
Location: Tennessee
After visiting Chinatown in Chicago last week I thought it'd be great to put this stationary to use!
I'm hoping to find some pen pals who are interested in snail mail. There is something special about a handwritten letter that email doesn't compare to. I'd also like to exchange small gifts, not necessary but it'd be a cute touch.My personal style is Sweet, but I'm also interested in visual kei and fairy kei. Though I appreciate and dabble in all styles occasionally.
I'm not picky about age, but I'd prefer to converse with someone who speaks English. My interests include sewing, reading, acting, fairytales, gardening, and overall cutesy stuff!
If interested, you can contact me via email at & we can chat a bit & exchange addresses.

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Hi, my name is Abigail and I'm looking for a Lolita buddy to exchange snail-mail letters with (maybe on a monthly basis or so, along with some email correspondence here and there, too). I'm 25 years old, live in Seattle, Washington, and I prefer gothic lolita styles but also like classic and sweet.

My interests include sewing, anime/manga, rabbits, horses, writing short stories, calligraphy, red wine, Playstation (my username is gloomfairy if you wanna add me!), and anything Victorian-looking pretty much.

I'm looking for a lolita around my age who shares some of my interests that I can exchange letters/emails with on a regular basis, so if I sound like I might be the pen pal for you, introduce yourself to me at and we can exchange addresses :)

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B A S I C S - My name's Lena. I'm 13, going on 14 in October. I live in North Carolina with my mother and my sister. Despite wandering around our eclectic downtown Asheville many times, I've yet to see a Lolita. I can't consider myself one quite yet, since my family and I haven't really been in the financial situation to buy anything that could be considered Lolita and the shops around here feature outfits more akin to a "hippie" style. My interests lie in music (playing the piano primarily), reading, poetry, dancing (I don't think I'm a natural dancer...), crochet (or a natural at crocheting...), sewing, baking & cooking, as well as several other less elegant things such as gaming, written roleplaying and sitting on my plump behind watching anime all day. I'm also trying to figure out what method of learning Japanese is right for me so I can get on that as quickly as possible since I'd like to learn the language. Japanese culture intrigues me and I'd like to learn the language.

L O L I T A  - I'm looking to get into Classic Lolita, with hints of sweet and country thrown in for variety. As I said before, I don't currently own anything, but I've had several years to look into the fashion and I hope I have enough background knowledge that when I do hit the "ita phase" that every Lolita allegedly goes through or has gone through, that I won't be as bad as I could.

L O O K I N G ~ F O R - I'm hoping to find a Lolita very similar to my age group 11-15 since I'm not comfortable talking to older people. Gender doesn't really matter, nor does preferred style. I'm hoping to get two penpals eventually. One who is just starting out like myself, and one who already has a Lolita wardrobe and can offer advice. Both types of Lolitas have their merits and drawbacks and I'd like to have both to talk to at some point or another. Also, snail-mail and email are both fine. Email is more convenient and my handwriting has deteriorated in exchange for a faster typing ability. I'd think email would be the primary means of communication and snail mail would be for special occasions or for sending gifts.

C O N T A C T  - Rather than commenting, please send me a private message. I'm not willing to publicly list my email and I won't hand it out willy-nilly so I'll only offer it after a couple LJ messages are exchanged.

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Name: Elizabeth Hudkins (but my friends call me Harley)

I'm seeking: I'd love to write both abroad and in America. Age doesn't really matter I'm very friendly!
Favorite styles: I adore classic, steam punk, and Gothic styles. But I love Lolita as a whole.
Favorite brands: I own two f+f dresses that no longer fit me because of a significant decrease in my body weight!:(
The best thing about being a Lolita is: The vintage look. I'd live a completely 'Victorian' existence if I could Lol.
Other interests: I love beauty and creativity and originality. So pretty much anything that falls under those adjectives I usually get really into.

I am currently in the process of moving. I don't have internet so snail mail is my only option.(currently sitting in McDonald's to post this Lol) If you email me I can give you my address. Je parle assez bien le français pour soutenir une relation saine pen pal alors n'hésitez pas à me contacter! Il est vrai que je ne suis pas parle couramment.
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Hi my name is Victoria and I am 16 and I live in the United States. I am new to lolita fashion and I would love to find friends to talk to. I really like sweet and classic lolita. I also like anime and manga. You can message me at I would also be interested in snail mail
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Hello! My name is Julia (though on my blog I go by Sakura), and I'm pretty new to Lolita fashion but I am really interested in it ^_^ I love the clothes from Mary Magdalene, but I don't yet have enough to pay for one of their dresses >n< For now I just like to wear blouses with skirts~
I definitely love Classical lolita the most, though I think that Sweet is really pretty~ It just doesn't suit me that much c: I also think that Steampunk Lolita is cool, but the people at my school are too judgmental for me to wear something so out there :P
I'm looking for a few penpals about my age (around 18 and younger), and am interested in exchanging letters, emails, or maybe even small packages every so often.
Here where I live there's no Lolita community at all, which is sad, so I'm hoping to find some friends online and to snail mail write with :3
I have many hobbies; drawing, reading, writing, watching anime, sewing, crafting, and in general obsessing over cute things x3
I look forward to answers! ^_^
If you're interested, email me at
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Name: Lillith Vieux
Location: Currently in Raytown Missouri, which is in the US of A ;D
Age: 12
Interests: Lolita, books, friends, computers, serial killers, murders, documentaries, history, science, dogs, cats, any animal, learning, religions, debate
I'm new to Lolita, I don't have any clothes yet and I don't even know my measurements. I've just gotten into it, and I plan on either sewing my own clothes or buying from bodyline. I'm willing to take any advice I can get and I would love a penpal to get advice, make a friend, just to talk. I'm willing to write letters or talk through email, either works. Well that's really all I can think of to write, ask any questions if you'd like.
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My name is Anna and I'm seeking for a Lolita pen pal.
I've been into Lolita for some months now, but I'm still very new to it. Usually, I don't wear Lolita to school, because many students at my school don't tolerate anything other than ordinary and can get REALLY annoying -.- Anyway, I wear Lolita mostly at weekends or at events. I usually go for a pretty casual look, mostly with skirts and cutsews. That way I like to wear sweet or country Lolita, but when I get the right opportunity, I prefer wearing classic Lolita. ^^ I'm also a big fan of Steampunk and I'm definitely trying to go for Steampunk Lolita. I'm mostly wearing Bodyline clothes at the moment, because I just need to get the basics, before I can start wearing brand ^^
I'm 14 years old (getting 15 in August) and I'm going to be in 10th grade. I'm from Austria (not Australia! ;) ) and I'm searching for a pen pal at about my age. (18 or under) Most of my friend are male and don't quite understand my hobby, so it would be nice to have someone to talk to about Lolita ^^ I can speak German and English fluently and my French is ...quite okay...
My other interests are gaming, drawing, martial arts, sewing, Anime and Manga and a whole lot of random things I'm too lazy to list here XD
I'm really looking forward to answers and I'd love to have a pen pal either for exchanging letters or Emails \(^.^)/
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