Lolita Penpals

Name: Terra Michelle


Hilo! I'm a 15 year-old girl who lives in the US. I'm a brand new Lolita who would love talking to fellow new Lolitas and some more experienced ones as well. I am looking for penpals 14-18 years old to talk to via email or snail mail (gender doesn't matter). It would be fun to send each other things like post cards, recipes, drawings, pictures, and little hand-made trinkets among other things.

Favorite Styles: I love Sweet and Goth Lolita, but I also really like other styles and am planning on trying them out.

Favorite Brands: I don't have any favorite brands by this point, and I'm totally willing to hear some suggestions!

Best Thing About Being a Lolita: I get to express myself in a super cute way that most people have never seen before! I love sewing Lolita clothing and making matching accessories too.

Other Interests: As I've mentioned before, I love sewing and making accessories. I'm a really crafty person who loves DIYs. I am a total fangirl who loves reading books, watching movies, and watching anime. I also enjoy cooking and baking, painting (though I'm not much good), and doing paper crafts (Ex: scrapbooking, hand lettering, etc.) My main language is English, but my second language is Spanish and I'm learning French.

Seeking a pen pal

Hello, I'm Miriam.
I'm a 15 years old and live in Germany.
I'm looking for a pen pal aged 14-18, preferably a girl living in Europe who enjoys the feeling of getting a handwritten letter as much as I do.
My favourite styles are sweet and classic, which I try to combine in my outfits. Gothic doesn't suit me, even though it looks gorgeous on others.
My favourite brands at the moment are Angelic Pretty and Innocent World. The best thing about lolita is expressing myself and learning how to make my everyday life a little bit fancier with the fashion.
I'm also interested in movies (maybe a bit too much). I love the work of Tim Burton, series like Doctor Who and Sherlock and the whole Harry Potter Universe.
My email adress is, I would be happy if you wanted to be my pen pal! :>

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Hi! Im Aldana
i'm an art student from Bahia Blanca, Argentina ~
I'm Seeking: anyone else who likes the lolita fashion and want to talk
My Favourite Styles: old school!!!and gothic lolita
My Favourite Brands:btssb
The best thing about being a Lolita is: Looking like the beautiful antique dolls
Other interests:I'm Completely Obsessed With dolls! I love them especially antique like Simon and Halbig or Jumeau
love drawing,painting and read ( books, comics manga)
I'm really shy but I really want to make new lolita friends♥

Looking for a Lolita Pen Pal

Name: Ellie
I'm a 17 year old girl living in England.
I'm Seeking: I'm looking for a girl (preferably) aged 14-20 to write snail mail letters to, and to send cute things like bits of lace, tea bags, pressed flowers and drawings to.
My Favourite Styles: Classic Lolita is my favourite, though I also wear Sweet Lolita and would love to wear Gothic Lolita!
My Favourite Brands: Innocent World, Mary Magdalene, Victorian Maiden, Baby the Stars Shine Bright
The best thing about being a Lolita is: expressing yourself! I love designing and making Lolita clothing too.
Other interests: Sewing, writing books and poems, drawing, painting, reading (classics mostly), classical music, vintage fashion, Victorian things, 18th Century, historical fashion and historical places.

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Hi I'm Nani or Rose
I am looking for sweet or classic lolitas 13-17 in the U.S.
I am a new lolita. I mainly wear casual with mostly classic influences.
I am a huge book nerd, I love poetry, dancing, painting, and classical music. I am also into geeky fandoms such as Dr. Who, Sherlock, Steven Universe and different types of anime.

Lolita penpal? :D

Name: Jodie Mullan
Hello, My name is Jodie Mullan. I am 18 years old (going 19 on the 7th of February). I am from the UK and I am looking for some Lolita friends from all around the world! I'm new to lolita, I've only just got everything together for my first coordinate. I still haven't been to my first meet :( Anyway, I only speak English but I am trying to learn Korean and Japanese :3
I'm Seeking: I'm Looking for anyone who I can be friends with. Preferable up to 3 people age and gender doesn't really matter
My Favourite Styles: Sweet, classic and casual.
My Favourite Brands: Angelic Pretty, Innocent world and infanta
The best thing about being a Lolita is: Feeling ADORABLE in my clothes XD as well as the community!
Other interests: I'm also interested in KPOP, anime and Jrock. I enjoy learning new languages and culters.
Let's Be Friends XD

Looking for penpals!

Name: Mae Merrily (or just Mae)

I'm a 15 year-old boy who wants to meet and write to other lolitas! My wardrobe is fairly small and I'm a new lolita, but I'm working hard to afford brand clothes as well as working on sewing my own clothes. I am a native English speaker, but I'm also a fairly good French speaker.

I'm Seeking: up to 3 people who want to write letters via e-mail, who understands the craftsmanship and detail that go into lolita (esp. if you sew/are interested in sewing lolita; I'm a pretty good seamstress myself); I'm fine with any age, gender, or style.
My Favourite Styles: Classic, Country, Sailor
My Favourite Brands: Angelic Pretty, BtSSB, IW
The best thing about being a Lolita is: The gorgeous clothes!! I love the delicacy and innocence of the look, as well as the fine details and excellent seamstress work
Other interests: video games (JRPG's and SRPG's and Steam games mostly), anime, cosplay, sewing, playing trumpet, sweets, mushroom and edible plant scavenging, hiking, fishing

Don't be shy! Hopefully we can be friends!

Lolita PenPal ^-^

Name: Emilia

Age: 17

Location: New Mexico, United States

Favourite Styles: Sweet and Classic

Favourite Brands: If it's cute and doesn't look like a costume, I'll wear it ^-^;

I'm relatively new to the world of Lolita, though I have researched it before. There aren't many people in my city who share my love of cute things, so it's been a bit difficult to find people to talk to locally. But I'm sure that there are many lovely people here to get to know! I don't care if you are a boy or girl, or where you live ^-^ so long as you speak at least some English.


Other Interests:
I love to play and listen to music, and the flute is my first instrument. I don't have a specific genre of music in mind, rather I tend to listen to songs that I decide I like. As a rule, however, I enjoy anything written in a foreign language, and movie soundtracks :3 . My first language is English, and I speak a just enough German to get by. I hope to become fluent in German, Russian, and Japanese at some point in my life. My favourite animes are Hetalia and Rozen Maiden, among others. I also love Animal Crossing and Legend of Zelda.

I believe that, especially for a beginning Lolita, letters and friends are important. It may also open up several opportunities for friendships! <3
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Seeking Penpals

Name: Elyse Bertrand


I'm Seeking: Lolitas who share my interests and enjoy writing letters.

My Favourite Styles: Classic, Gothic

My Favourite Brands: Victorian Maiden, JetJ and Indie Brands
The best thing about being a Lolita is: How pretty you look and feel in it!

Other interests: I love writing, reading and drawing. I may draw pictures or little doodles on the letter as it tends to happen often. I love playing video games even though I'm not good, I'm currently on GrimGrimoire but my favourite genre is fighting games. I also love sewing and lace and all that fun stuff. I love to swim and take pictures as well. I have a variety of hobbies, Lolita is one of them. If you're interested comment and we can chat over the messages and I'll give you my mailing adress!

Returning Canadian Lolita Seeking Penpal

Name: Rose
Age: 18
Location: Alberta, Canada

Favorite Style: Sweet, OTT Sweet
Favorite brands: Angelic Pretty, Baby the Stars Shine Bright and Innocent World

I am a returning Lolita but barely. When I was 16 I dabled with the fashion owning about 7 or 8 outfits and later selling them a year later. Being in a small town at the time I found it was hard to actually be who i wanted to be. Now i live in a big city and I have a job to pay for my own lolita.

I'm seeking preferably female penpals, experienced or new lolita penpals up to three. Email is my current prefered type of communication.

My interests include; music, baking, cooking, crafting, art, Bee and Puppycat, Steven Universe, 3DS games(major Animal Crossing fan), and certain animes and mangas.

Just message or comment if you want to exchange emails ^^