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Lolita Letters
The Lolita Fashion Penpal Community

Lolita Letters is a community for those seeking Lolita Penpals, and the discussion of the fine art of letter writing. It was created in 2005 as the first such community and is still running strong and connecting lolitas from all over the world!

If you are looking for a Penpal, you're welcome to use the following form. You may also write your own introduction if you would prefer.

I'm Seeking: (eg: girl/boy, age, classic/sweet/goth, location)
My Favourite Styles:
My Favourite Brands:
The best thing about being a Lolita is:
Other interests:

You may like to read this entry on Victorian Letter Writing, of course it is just for interest and we don't expect you to follow it to the letter ^_~

Our Community Rules are very simple

What is allowed
Posts requesting penpals
Posts about your correspondence with your Lolita penpal.
Posts about letter writing
Posts asking questions about penpals in general

What is not allowed
Advertising of any services or sales
Posts not directly related to Lolita Penpals
Posts containing your real life address (see below)
Disrespectful conduct

Additional Guidelines
You may only post a request for a penpal once. If you recieve no replies then reply to someone else's request.
If you have found a penpal please edit your post to reflect this, otherwise you're likely to get more replies.
We reccomend keeping your penpals to a minimum. More than 3 may be a bit difficult to keep up with. Consider the time you will have to write to each one.

The reason we do not allow you to list your postal address on the community is for security. Its not a good idea to have your real-life address available online so just anyone can access it. Of course you are welcome to exchange addresses with your new friend via email!

If you have any questions or comments please contact your mod skyewishes